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Are you a mental health professional looking to elevate your practice? Perhaps you’ve heard about the power of AI and want to use it to create a more personalised, in-depth approach to the therapy you provide? 

Imagine instant access to deep emotional analysis, real-time session summarisations and tailored treatment suggestions. Quickly and affordably boost the effectiveness of your therapy sessions and facilitate better mental health outcomes.

Unlock the future of mental healthcare with AI-based recommendations and virtual assistant support. Integrate seamlessly into existing healthcare systems and offer your clients unparalleled support.  

Contact Us today to access a transformative psychological counselling experience that prioritises accuracy and efficiency, always with the highest ethical and data protection standards.

Get Expert Preliminary Client Assessment

Do you want a fast, affordable and smart way to deepen client connections from the first session, alleviate initial client awkwardness, and accelerate trust-building in your therapeutic practice?


PsycheSage uses AI-Enhanced Psychological Counselling to deliver nuanced emotional analysis and predictive indicators that empower you to amplify your therapeutic impact right from the first session, enabling rapid rapport and trust development with clients.

Instant Session Summaries

Why by burdened by data and notes? Want to maximise time spent with clients rather than on admin, all while constructing in-depth and meaningful insights from every session?

Real-Time Counselling Insights by psycheSage offers immediate session summaries, generating session insights using a range of treatment modalities, enabling you to focus on client interaction rather than paperwork.

Insightful Treatment Suggestions

Want to diversify your treatment options based on the current progress or status of your client’s progress, without spending hours conducting research?

PsycheSage Treatment Suggestions equip you with a broad array of modalities, all personalised to your client’s unique and current needs.

Expert Preliminary Client Assessment

Create clear and effective marketing strategy and plans tailored to achieving your specific business goals.

Instant Session Summaries

Understand your potential customers, who they are, their requirements and the most effective ways to reach them. 

Insightful Treatment Suggestions

Create smart metrics and dashboards that measure ROI, and provide insights for ongoing improvements to marketing activities.



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