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Client Background

Since its inception in 2003, The Dental Review (TDR) has grown from a micro-site to a leading online source of news and resources for dentists across Australia. In addition, today, the TDR contact database enjoys a robust readership that includes more than 12,000 dental professionals.

Marketing Challenges

Despite TDR’s reputation and readership, it faced several marketing challenges. These included a desire to increase clicks and conversions, such as sales revenue generated from supplier ads on the website and from email campaigns to the database. The MD, Sam Khoury, felt that given the brand’s high awareness, it was underperforming in terms of revenue generation. 

Project Context

In the face of these challenges, TDR sought a solution that would not only address their immediate concerns but also build a foundation for future growth. This is where Mason Analytics entered the picture, ready to offer tailored, effective and affordable marketing services.

Developing an affordable marketing solution

Understanding TDR’s unique needs, Mason Analytics crafted a marketing strategy centred around content generation and enhanced visual appeal. Over a five-month period, six carefully researched and engaging blog posts were written, each accompanied by bespoke visuals created using advanced AI art tools.

The targeted use of AI-enabled tools allowed for the efficient production of high-quality, unique images that significantly elevated TDR’s brand appeal, encouraging site visitors to engage more deeply with the content. The blog topics, carefully curated from multiple academic papers, focused on two areas of interest to dentists, 1. emerging technologies in dentistry and 2. strategies for boosting dental practice revenue and patient retention. The result was a series of compelling, relevant blog posts that resonated with TDR’s professional audience.

Expert Execution & Thought Leadership

The use of AI in the content creation process was not limited to visual elements. By employing AI redrafting tools, complex academic research was distilled into accessible, useful content tailored to the needs and interests of the audience. This process resulted in the delivery of valuable insights while maintaining the relevance and usefulness of the original research.

Through this innovative use of AI in content generation and visualisation, Mason Analytics successfully positioned TDR as a thought leader in the field of dentistry news. Each bespoke visual and blog post reinforced TDR’s brand identity, showcasing their commitment to providing their readership with valuable content and achieving cut-though to gain readers’ attention.

Attractive visual with tree in background. Shows content explaining the imporance of content in marketing effectiveness.

Dramatic RESULTS: Campaign Boosted Sales By 35%

Revenue generated well in excess of expectations

ROI of 4.3x. That means every $1 invested generated a return of $4.30.

Dramatic increase in sales

Email campaigns saw an average increase in sales of 35%, while sales from website ad sales increased by 30%.

Increased engagement with the website

Average time spent by visitors on the website increased by 45%, while Clicks increased by 27% over the six months of the campaign.

Increased website traffic

Website traffic increased by almost one third (31%). 

Collage of the 6 bespoke images created by AI art for The Dental Review campaign
Visual of testimonial quote from The Dental Review CEO plus logo and photo of him.
  • Website traffic 31% 31%
  • Sales from website ads 30% 30%
  • Email campaign sales 35% 35%
  • Return on Investment (ROI) of campaign 4.3X 430% 430%

The Results Were Impressive


The Dental Review collaboration with Mason Analytics shows a dedication to delivering tangible, positive outcomes. Mason Analytics is committed to providing effective and affordable marketing services that significantly boost performance. Cost-effective marketing means a measurable financial return on investment is achieved. In this case The Dental review generated $4.30 for every $1 they spent on the campaign.

For businesses striving to navigate the challenges of the digital age, Mason Analytics offers a wealth of marketing expertise and a proven track record of success. With an array of tailored services, we equip your business with the tools it needs to thrive. Our commitment is to harness the power of the latest digital and technological tools to provide affordable marketing services.

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